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Conference Reports

>> M.E. Braithwaite & K.J. Walker. 2012. 50 years of mapping the British and Irish flora.

>> Changes in the Berwickshire Flora (conference paper by Michael Braithwaite)

>> W.T. Stearn. 1986. John Ray’s Natural History Travels.

>> J.E. Lousley. 1957. Progress in the study of the British flora.

>> J.E. Lousley. 1950. Distribution of British plants.

>> T.C.G. Rich & E.R. Woodruff. 1990. BSBI Monitoring Scheme 1987-88. Report the Nature Conservancy Council.




We have a small number of BSBI Yearbooks available which we an add to this site. Hopefully more will turn up in time...

>> BSBI Yearbook 1953

>> BSBI Yearbook 1952

>> BSBI Yearbook 1951

>> BSBI Yearbook 1950

>> BSBI Yearbook 1949



BSBI Recorder

A newsletter for v.c. recorders; now discontinued.